Binary to Text

This free Binary to Text translator allows you to convert binary files to text by simply uploading the file. The text is ready for use in seconds and it is free.

Binary to Text

This free Binary to Text translator allows you to convert binary files to text by simply uploading the file. The text is ready for use in seconds and it is free.

Convert your binary code to text with our online binary-to-text converter. Then, you only need to paste the binary code and click the convert button to get the results.

You can translate binary code into text using this tool. It can decode two different inputs: a stream of continuous, binary data (in which case each byte must be 8 bits long) and a stream of binary data with spaces between the bytes (in this case, omissions of zeros at the beginning of the bytes is allowed). So have fun using this free online tool from UseThisTool!

How to Use the Binary to Text Converter?

Use our binary code translator by performing the actions listed below:

Step 1: Paste the binary code into the box where you want the plain text to appear. You can also upload the file from your device by selecting the "Give" button.

Step 2: To convert, click the "Convert" button.

Step 3: Immediately after conversion, the converted plain text will appear in the right-side box.

Step 4: Download the *.txt file to your device or copy the output text.

Features of UseThisTool Binary to Word Converter

Users can instantly translate binary to text in English using the free online binary translator from UseThisTool. The following are some of the main characteristics of this binary code translator:

Absolutely Free

There is no registration requirement to use this binary-to-text translator. You can convert as many binary files to text as you want using this tool, which is free to use.

Easily Accessible

You can use this binary code translator without installing any software on your device. With a reliable internet connection, you can use any web browser to access and use this online facility.

Friendly User Interface

Users can quickly convert binary to text online thanks to the binary code translator's user-friendly interface. To use this binary translator, you don't need to acquire specialized knowledge or adhere to detailed instructions.

Speedy Conversion

The users of this binary code converter get the fastest conversion possible. This is because the utility starts the conversion process as soon as the user enters the binary values in the input box and clicks the Convert button. It then immediately returns the results.

Accurate Outcomes

This binary code translator produces results that are 100% accurate. This utility's sophisticated algorithms produced results that were error-free for users. You can cross-check this utility's results if you are confident of their validity.


The binary code translator works with a wide range of gadgets. This binary to English translator works flawlessly on all platforms, including Mac, PC, tablet, desktop, and mobile.

Why Do You Need a Binary to Text Converter?

The "0" and "1" values in the binary number system are used to represent text. There could be a lot of different 0 and 1 combinations, which could be confusing. You can use a binary code translator to translate or convert binary code to text format to determine and transform it into easily readable letters or words.

Before the development of binary translators, it was difficult to decode a binary code because it required using a formula for mathematical calculations. However, using a binary converter or decoder can carry out this procedure instantly.

The reasons for encoding plain text are listed below, along with some issues that need to be resolved. For instance:

A small subset of printable characters, even from ASCII, can be supported by some systems when they operate below the 8-bit clean threshold.

We've noticed that some systems, like SMTP software, have restrictions on how many characters can fit between line breaks, such as "1000 characters per line."

When used as strings, a few haphazardly arranged protocols can be confusing if specific patterns appear in the message. The phrase "from" at the start of a line, which is used to separate mail messages in the box file format, is the most well-known.


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