Word to ODT

Convert Word files into ODT files with our easy-to-use FREE online converter tool. Create an ODT from Word format and preserve the layout of your file.

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Word to ODT

Convert Word files into ODT files with our easy-to-use FREE online converter tool. Create an ODT from Word format and preserve the layout of your file.

Word to ODT Converter

Convert WORD to ODT online for FREE!

ODT or Open Document Text is an XML-based format used mainly for spreadsheets, presentations, and even Word processing documents. The primary purpose of this XML format is to provide an open file system that benefits office applications. Most ODT extension files are usually created using the Open Office word processor program and are very similar to the Microsoft word files.

One thing good about ODT files is their compatibility with many programs. But the main obstacle is significant formatting differences within these extensions. For some reason, ODT files are preferred over their counterpart Word file as it has plenty of benefits.

Significant Advantages of ODT Files over Word

Two significant advantages of ODT files are the ability to print with the best documents, including the correct formatting, graphs, photos, etc., making it a popular choice among writers who constantly prepare essays, reports, letters, and many more.

It is this ability to support different types of writing that many want to convert their Word file to ODT. In addition, it is easy to edit and is compatible with software in multiple operating systems like desktops and mobile devices. 

Open document files also allow stricter security checks than other text files, preventing cyber-attacks.

Lastly, Open document files are either cheaper or free to use. This allows individuals, businesses, and government organizations to create and share documents without additional costs. In addition, it leads to creating the perfect online tools for easy and ready conversion of files.

How to Convert Word to ODT

Converting Word to ODT is a simple process. In just three steps, you can change Word to ODT.

  • Select the WORD files by clicking the “Choose Files” button.
  • Begin the conversion by clicking the “Convert to ODT’ button.
  • Click the “Download ODT” button when the status of the file conversion changes to Done. 

Why Choose UseThisTool 

Here are the reasons why you should choose UseThisTool over other online conversion tools:

Simple to Use

Converting Word files to ODT is very easy. Simply upload the file and click the convert button. You can also convert the Word files to ODT in batches.

High-Quality Files

For high-quality conversions, UseThisTool uses both open source and customized software. For further enhancement of the file, you can use the “Advanced Settings.

 Free and Safe

The UseThisTool Word to ODT conversion is available in any browser. It is entirely safe and protects your files. The server will permanently delete the files two hours after the conversion.

More on WORD to ODT Conversion

Users can open the ODT format with typical desktop and internet apps under Windows, Linux, Apple, and mobile devices because it is a globally recognized format designed as an alternative to Microsoft Word. This free software is commonly used to store books, reports, notes, and other textual content. 

The files are open source and have an XML structure. It is also an alternative to the DOC format and is compatible with all operating systems. 


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